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Personal Training

A Likely Coalition_031.jpg

Art Consulting + Mentorship

A Likely Coalition, 2019

Fiat Mirafiori, filing cabinets, ratchet straps

Winner 209 Swell Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach, Queensland, Australia


Group Training 
Kangaroo Point


Art Courses.            from $40

Dredger, 2019

Two channel video, sound

Collection Home of the Arts, Gold Coast, Australia

Installation view The Walls Artspace


Chris Bennie Art + Projects

MORD - Bareknuckle Boxing Volume 3

Olympic Pool Maintenance League

Olympic Pool Maintenance League is a Techno music project that releases records on the worlds top electronic music labels



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Personal Training and Group Fitness programs and subscription


Artwork, Coaching, Consulting, Mentorships and Courses 

Olympic pool maintenance league

Electronic and techno Music, Technique and Courses

About Me

I’m Chris. I’m an artist and electronic music producer with a passion for health and fitness. I graduated from the Queensland College of art in 2009 with a Doctorate of Visual Art. My work has won numerous awards, including the only artist to win the Swell Sculpture Festival twice. My art has been presented in some of Australia’s leading art museums such as Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Melbourne’s Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts. 


I also make electronic music - an art form that I am deeply passionate about since I first heard it as a teenager. I have had records released on some of the worlds finest techno labels including Mord, Natura Viva, Postdynamic and Sunora. My studio practice is predominantly devoted to writing music and I have never been so creatively productive.


In 2021 I completed my Certificate III and IV in Fitness and now I want to help you achieve your creative and health dreams. I exercise everyday and know how good it is for feeling balanced and grounded. These qualifications allow me to train you in one-on-one and in group contexts. Combining this with my understanding and mastery of the creative process guarantees I can help you achieve your health and creative goals.


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