A Likely Coalition


Fiat Mirafiori, filing cabinets, ratchet straps

The 2019 Neumann Foundation Swell Sculpture Award


Installation view Swell Sculpture Festival

Currumbin Beach


A Likely Coalition continues my visual investigation of juxtapositions and dichotomies, in this case between induistrial objects to create absurd yet humorous relationships. I'm very fond of the implicit nostalgic qualities of a salvaged Fiat Mirafiori and the contrast that is established by strapping it with nine filing cabinets. This particular  combination can evoke numerous metaphors of which I believe the most straight forward is the administering of order upon a no-longer functioning, but rather smart-looking, mode of transportation. 

A Likely Coalition was awarded the Neumann Foundation 2019 Swell Sculpture Award by judge Charles Robb, Academic Lecturer Queensland University of Technology. This accolade marks the second time Chris has been awarded the prize. In 2013 his sculpture The Kissing Swans received the award by judge Julie Ewington, Curatorial Manager Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.  

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