Wallace + Co.


Bondi Sculpture by the Sea
October 2013

Wallace + Co. is a series of small sculptures developed for Bondi's Sculpture by the Sea Smalls Gallery. It consist of 6 sculptures made from repurposed suitcases. Each suitcase has been made into a mobile artwork by the addition of small wheels. The project is an extension of The Kissing Swans - a repurposed flood-affected caravan from Bundaberg, Queensland. The Kissing Swans was sourced form a Bundaberg Waste Management Facility after floods devestated the region in January 2013. I transformed the caravan into sculpture by developing two moving image artworks that were projected inside it. The Kissing Swans won the 2013 Swell Sculpture Fesitival at Currumbin Beach. Wallace + Co. develops the concept of dislocation that the The Kissing Swans highlights after natural disasters.


Wallace 2013
Timothy 2013
Timothy 2013
Wallace + Timothy 2013
Wallace + Timothy 2013
Wallace + Timothy 2013
Maude 2013
Penelope 2013
Wallace + Co. 2013

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