Cutback: surfing through art

Gold Coast City Gallery
February 16 - April 7 2015


During the 1950s and ’60s, films such as Gidget (1959), Blue Hawaii (1961) and The Endless Summer (1964) popularised surf culture, as did surf bands such as The Bel Airs, The Beach Boys, Dick Dale & The Del Tones and Jan & Dean. In doing so, stereotypes emerged, some of which linger today.Cutback: Surfing Through Art will showcase the work of seven contemporary Australian artists responding to the art of surfing and alternative aspects of surf culture. Themes explored include cultural rituals, dealing with depression and Australian masculine identity.Featuring: Chris Bennie, Shaun Gladwell, Andrew Kidman, William Mackinnon, Nanda Ormond, Ben Rak and Joel Rea.

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