Dredger 2019


North Sydney Art Prize

Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Balls Head

2-17 March

10 am to 5 pm 

Between June and October 2017 the Gold Coast Council tendered the 111 meter Balder R hopper dredger, owned by Danish company Rohde Nielsen, to replace sand between Palm Beach and Southport Spit. 3,026,758 cubic metres of sand was relocated into the surf zone to buffer against future storms and coastal erosion.


During that time residents and beach goers witnessed a ‘rainbow’ of sand protruding from the horizon. Dredger 2019 focuses viewers attention on this form and contrasts it with details of the Balder R, including faint glimpses of individuals operating it. The work constructs a curious dichotomy between the mesmerising qualities of billowing sand, blue sky and ocean with nautical mechanics to question the relationship between engineering and the environment.

Dredger 2019
Dredger 2019
Dredger 2019
Dredger 2019
Dredger 2019

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