Everybody NOW! and Bleach Festival present Yes, We Dance!
Round StageBroadbeach

Commonwealth Games Artistic Festival
12-15 April 2018

In 2018 Chris was invited to participate in EveryBody Now! A major Commonwealth Games Artistic Program featuring ten everyday Gold Coasters, each with extraordinary ways of expressing themselves through dance,  matched with two choreographers and an ensemble of hundreds of community dancers. Together the participants were directed to create ten of the newest dance sensations which say to the world, "We are the everyday people of the Gold Coast and yes, we dance!" 


Yes, We Dance! is a genuine shout out to what it means to truly be free in your body, totally immersed in the movement and the moment. 


Created by Gold Coast company Everybody NOW! and produced by Bleach* Festival, Yes, We Dance! is a joyous participatory performance experience. Everybody NOW! led by Ian Pidd, Kate McDonald and Bec Reid along with a cohort of talented collaborators, are a collective of performance makers and producers who create participatory and large-scale experiences that are celebratory and playful, propelled by passion and curiosity. ​

For four nights Chris emerged from a crowd to dance to live techno music in front of hundreds of people. In addition to the profound experience the opportunity provided him, he considers it an important development in his comprehension of  movement and it's relationship to authenticity that his artwork explores. 

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