Mood Swings


Pop Gallery

17 - 30 April 2017

27 Logan Rd. Woolloongabba

Wednesday - Sunday 10-4

Thursday 2-8

Essay by Miranda Hine.

Having examined the affect water has had on a caravan after floods in Bundaberg (The Kissing Swans 2013) and nuclear reactor control rooms (Control Rooms 2014) after The Great East Japan Tsunami, Mood Swings localises my gaze to explore his own relationship to the medium of water. My desire to make sense of water, and to represent the authentic and profound experiences the medium has offered me, shape the work in this exhibition. Viewers can watch me perform in it, observe it, and contemplate what affects it. My performances and manipulations of video extend this interest to the realm of art, ritual and the potential for water to act as a conduit between the two. 

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