General Will vs No FIlls

The Warehouse

Newstead, Brisbane

September 2009


featuring: Chris Bennie, Sebastian Moody, Shaun O'Connor, Justin Stephens, Courtney Coombs, Antoinette J Citizen, Catherine Sagin, Kate Woodcroft

Two Brisbane Artist Run Collectives – No Frills (Coombs, Citizen, Sagin, Woodcroft) and The General Will (Bennie, Moody, O'Connor, Stephens) collaborated to develop an exhibition in which memebers of each collective remake artworks made by members of the other collective.  The project was developed over meetings and informal workshop sessions. Members of both collectives chose a specific artwork to be reconsidered for alteration, remixing or bastardising. I chose a collaborative work by Kate Woodcroft and Catherine Sagin in which the artists critique Ikea. The exhibition explored the dynamic partnerships involved in collectives and was complicated by the fact that each group consist of same sex individuals. 

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