Future Garden (Chris Bennie + Ree Hegh)  |  Shelter and Storm 2019


Wellington St. Projects

1-10 March


Byron School of Art

2-18 June


Site-specific installation

Dimensions variable


Video, sound, clay, heat lamps, paint, glass, wood, bamboo, wool, cotton, tape, string, metal, wire, paper, plastic, dishwashing liquid, food dye, felt, balloons, polymer clay, slate, tissues, sand, beeswax.


Shelter and Storm presents sculpture alongside video to reveal a tension between objects and their relationship to our bodies. Future Garden combines Ree Hegh’s (Northern NSW) and Chris Bennie’s (Brisbane) individual engagement with objects, materials, and media to construct a spatial composition that is uncanny and tentative. 


Ree is a current Doctor of Visual Arts candidate at Griffith University and teaches Painting at Southern Cross University. Chris completed his Doctoral thesis on Video Art, Authenticity and the Spectacle of Contemporary Existence in 2009 and has won numerous awards including Gold Coast Art Prize (2012) Swell Sculpture Festival (2013) and Clayton Utz Art Award (2014). 


Shelter and Storm was developed during a residency in August 2018 at Sam Rit village in Thailand and exhibited earlier this year at Wellington St Projects, Sydney. 


Future Garden will develop their collaboration during a Bundanon Trust Residency in November 2019.  

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