Smooth Machines


5  - 19 December 2015

Abi Group House, Stanely St Plaza,

South Bank, Brisbane


Smooth Machines is a series of acrylic paintings developed during 2009 while I rented a large warehouse studio in Bowen Hills. They are presented in association with freelance curator Anna Zammit's Independant Exhibitions project in an unused commercial space on Little Stanley Street in South Bank, Brisbane. Smooth Machines depict surreal  objects that appear to perform repetitive or absurd tasks. The series combines both abstract and representational devices to disrupt as well as flatten the picture plane. I employed bright as well as muted colours, large-scale and cartoon-ish forms to add a playful element to the pictures. While I am known for videos that explore authentic and immediate experience (featured in exhibitions such as Contemporary Australia: optimism, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, and the 2008 Sydney Biennale), Smooth Machines develops similar concerns through the complexity of painting.



Smooth Machines
Smooth Machines
Smooth Machines
Smooth Machines
Smooth Machines; Big Blue Round
SmooSmooth Machines; Green Circle Pi
Smooth Machines; Green Spiraliser Green
Smooth Machines; Blue Nut Cracker
Smooth Machines; Blue TV Spaceship

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