When Will We Ever Be Together Forever


25 November - 13 December 2015
Alaska Projects




I recently watched a movie called Martian (2015). It details the challenges of an astronaut trapped on Mars. It wasn't very good. Its promotional poster says 'bring him home'. I have a friend who scrawled ‘please don’t' on it. 


I fell asleep. However, I recall the opening sequence. Slow panning shots of a desolate Martian landscape—rugged and craggy and bathed in red ochre. It looked beautiful. I had one of those rare  moment when the awe is inspiring and I was overwhelmed by cinematic seduction.


I’ve been walking a lot. On the beach mostly. I live on the Gold Coast and at sunset the shore's reflections are vivid. I've been filming them. In slow motion something curious happens. What was recognisable—water and sand, becomes otherworldly, especially when rotated.


I have not overlooked the idea that the universe is at at my doorstep. Maybe that’s why I live where I do. The potential (and difficulty) for art, and indeed video, to capture it, is the subject of my work. When Will We Ever Be Forever Together tries to embellish the awe that films like Martian momentarily offer before their spectacularisation redces them to banality.

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